2.0 mL Self-Standing Vials, Natural Color Caps, External Thread, with Sealing Ring, Sterile, 50/pk, 500/box, 2000/cs


Cat. No.: 635001-N Category:


? Add cap colors: 6 vial cap colors (blue, red, yellow, purple, green and white) for personalized identification of different types of reagents in a faster and more convenient way.
? Upgraded product code: The vial cap color corresponds to the product code, which means that each code indicates a color.
? Upgraded material: It is made of transparent polymer polypropylene (PP) satisfactory to Class-6 standards, free of heavy metal ions, and applicable in proteomics, drug research and development, and genome.
? New knurling design on the vial body: Special knurling design enables the vial to be stuck in the special base and tightened with a single hand.
? Upgraded leakproofness: The flexible O-ring in the screw cap ensures safe closure of the micro spiral vial and a sound sealing effect. It meets ADR & IATA standards, and is free of liquid leakage during negative pressure 0.95bar test.
? Upgraded centrifugal force: Maximum resistance to the centrifugal force reaching 20000xg.

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50/pk, 500/box, 2000/cs

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