240 ul 384 well Deep Well Plates, V Bottom, Square Well, Non-Sterile, 5/pk, 50/cs


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? Made of high-quality, Class VI level PP material with high stability, can be used to store most types of organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions, etc.
? The dimension of deep well plates conforms to ANSI standard and international SBS standard, compatible with the multi-channel pipette and automation equipment
? Autoclavable at 20Psi, 121? for 20 minutes, great heating uniformity.
? Can be stored under the subzero temperature of 80?.
? Maximum sustainable centrifuge force from 3000g to 4000g. Uniform bottom, wells, and the thickness of the sidewall. The flat upper of the plates, easy to seal.
Minimum residual liquid, low heavy metal content.
? Alphabetical sorting and cut angle mark for convenient tracking of samples.
? Each package has a separate article number/batch number identification, facilitating quality tracking. Can be sealed by three materials: self-adhesive sealing mat, silicone sealing mat, or heat-sealing film.
Produced and packed in Class 100,000 clean workshop.
? Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/Rnase free.
? Wide applications, such as high-throughput screening (HTS), tissue culture, continuous dilution, reagent transfer, and nucleic acid extraction, etc.
? Optional sterilization methods: ethylene oxide (default), gamma-ray, electron beam.

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5/pk, 50/cs

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