2D barcode on bottom, and 1D barcode on side, 1.9ml Cryovials compatible with Brooks system, External threaded, Caps separated, Sterile, 48 tubes/pk, 48 caps/pk, 480/cs


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The two-color vial body of an integrated injection molding can realize multi-code tracking, and it can support the traceability of samples and data sharing among multiple users, laboratories and automation, making the warehousing and ex-warehousing of samples more convenient and faster, while ensuring the safety of the sample storage process.
Three-code-in-one (digital code, barcode, QR code)
? The vial has laser-etched international standard DATAMATRIX 2D code at the bottom.
? The barcode and digital code at the side are anti-fading, anti-deforming, wear proof and resist DMSO and other organic solvents; 105% clear and readable.

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48 tubes/pk, 48 caps/pk, 480/cs

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