30?L Robotic Tips for Agilent System, Low-retention, Clear, Sterile, 384/rack, 10 racks/pk, 50 racks/cs


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Adopt medical grade polypropylene material, which is manufactured by precision mold, and the material batch is stable.
Manufacturing facility equipped with class 100,000 clean-room, products packing under sterile condition.
DNase-and RNase-free, no heat source contamination.
Unique process technology ensures that the inner surface of the tip is smooth and reduces liquid residue.
Carry out structural drawing and measurement according to the original adapter to ensure that the product has good air tightness and adaptability.
Filter or non-filter style can be selectable, it has super hydrophilicity, it can shield aerosol, and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination of samples.
Online testing equipment is used to control the size and concentricity of products in the production line.
Low-retention tips are an excellent choice for transferring viscous liquid, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of liquid hanging on the wall and make the experiment more accurate.

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384/rack, 10 racks/pk, 50 racks/cs

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