AlamarBlue Cell Viability Assay Reagent


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General Description 


Alamar Blue Cell Viability Assay Reagent is used to quantitatively measure the viability of mammalian cell lines, bacteria and fungi by incorporating a rapid, sensitive and reliable fluorometric as well as colorimetric growth indicator.

The assay involves reduction of AlamarBlue Reagent oxidized form (blue color reagent) to reduced form (red color) in presence of viable cells.

This change can be measured by using fluorescence or absorbance instruments. The AlamarBlue Reagent is an oxidized form of redox indicator that is blue in color and non-fluorescent and detects cell
viability by converting from a non-fluorescent dye to the highly red fluorescent dye resorufin in response to chemical reduction of growth medium resulting from cell growth.

The assay is homogenous, requires no cell lysis or washing offers a simple, rapid, reliable, sensitive, safe and cost-effective measurement of cell viability. The AlamarBlue Reagent allows for viability studies of chemical inhibitors on tumor cell lines and toxicology research to establish baseline data for predicting the toxicity of related novel agents by comparing such baseline data with known in vivo toxicity. Viable cells maintain a reducing environment within their cytoplasm.


Size:                10 ml

Appearance:   Liquid

Storage:          Room temperature


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10 ml, 25 ml