APG (p-Azidophenyl Glyoxal monohydrate)


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General Description

APG is a membrane permeable compound and used to study protein structure and functions, for anchoring proteins to solid supports, or to prepare immunogens, immunotoxins, and other conjugated protein reagents. Cross-linkers contain reactive ends that create chemical bonds between two or more molecules. Agents with a longer arm space may be used where two target groups are far apart, while short arm spaces are better suited for intra-molecular cross-linking Goat α-Rabbit IgG.


CAS No.:                       1196151-49-1

Molecular Formula:    C8H7N3O3

Molecular Weight:      193.16

Synonyms:                    P-AZIDOPHENYL GLYOXAL H2O; BIPA108; 4-Azidophenyl glyoxal hydrate; P-AZIDOPHENYL GLYOX


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100 mg

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