Arginine-C, Mass Spec Grade


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General Description

Arginine-C is a sulfhydryl proteinase associated with collagenase and isolated from Clostridium histolyticum. Arginine-C endopeptidase (Clostripain, from C. histolyticum) specifically hydrolyzes the carboxy peptide bond of Arginine. In addition, as a sulfhydryl enzyme, Arginine-C is susceptible to inactivation by oxidation and as a result requires reducing agents for protection.

Our Arginine-C is highly purified and suitable in proteomics work for peptide mapping and protein sequence work due to its highly specific cleavage of peptides resulting in a limited number of fragments.



  • Cleaves at the C-terminus of arginine residues, including sites next to proline
  • Also cleaves at lysine residues
  • Activity is optimal in the pH range of 7.6–7.9



  • Digestion of proteins for sequence analysis.
  • Suitable for sequencing applications.


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2 x 10 µg

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