Freezing Box Accessories, Ice Free Freezing Block, -18?~4?, 1/pk, 1/cs


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This product is a new type of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safer, and standardized with no additives, cooling equipment. It use no electricity, no ice and bring low temperature protection for biological samples.
Ice core aluminum alloy shell with high thermal conductivity of the alloy module to ensure that the sample can be quickly cooled, the temperature difference between the sample holes less than 0.4?, it can maintain an uniform temperature between the samples .
It is Ice-free, lightweight, easy to carry, ideal for collection of biological samples, it also can use in helping to preserve the unstable nucleic acid samples. Its compact design and ice-free technology make it ideal for tissue culture incubator?bio-safety cabinet and any other application with limited space.
It can choose with different ice core, and a variety of tube module for usage in different samples and temperature.

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1/pk, 1/cs

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