Nichipet Air Pipette



NichiPet Air Pipette
Stroke Load Reduction | Autoclavable | Micropipette


Lowering weight and reducing stroke loading helps mitigate fatigue and stress from lengthy pipetting.
This is the latest model in the NichiPet series, with world-class accuracy and precision.



  1. Easy calibration: Minimize errors in pipetting by using dedicated volume adjustment rotator.
  2. Pipetting: Up to 70% reduction in stroke load pressure compared with conventional models.
  3. Finger rest: Ergonomically designed to support user’s hand
  4. Main body: Operability is improved with slim body design. NichiPet Air retains durability of previous models and reduces the weight up to 56% to approximately 70g. Fully autoclavable.
  5. Ejector: One-touch removable ejector may be used for a thin test-tube.
  6. Smooth volume-setting: Volume setting rotator is independent from the push button, avoiding

volume shift during pipetting.

  1. Volume indicator: Window allows for easy volume checking during pipetting.
  2. Hyper blower system: To discharge the set dispensing amount, maximum volume range of 2μL, 10μL and 20μL have high-performance blow-out function.
  3. Pipette volume: Pipettes have different colored bands, depending on the volume.
Cat. No Volume range(µL) Increments(µL) Color
00-NAR-2 0.1~2 0.002 Gray
00-NAR-10 0.5~10 0.01 Pink
00-NAR-20 2~20 0.02 Cream
00-NAR-100 10~100 0.1 Orange
00-NAR-200 20~200 0.2 Yellow
00-NAR-1000 100~1000 1 Blue
00-NAR-5000 500~5000 5 Green
00-NAR-10000 1000~10000 10 White

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0.1-2.0ul, 0.5-10ul, 2-20ul, 10-100ul, 20-200ul, 100-1000ul, 1000-5000ul, 1-10ML

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