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What Are Protease Inhibitors?

This blog will cover what protease inhibitors are, how they are used, and cover some of the protease inhibitors we carry. We at Cepham Life Sciences offer a variety of protease inhibitors to cover a broad range of proteases. If you’re using a protein extraction buffer, you may need a specific protease inhibitor to prevent protein degradation. If you have proteomics research needs, Cepham Life Sciences is here to provide you with quality research products.

Why Inhibit Proteases?

Simply put, protease inhibitors are the chemical compounds used to protect protein samples from the digestive functions of proteases which can be triggered during the isolation procedure. They’re used to preserve cell lysates and protein samples from imminent natural degradation. These proteases need to be rendered ineffective in order to be sure that you will have satisfactory protein purification yields.

How Do They Work?

Protease inhibitors work by reversibly or irreversibly deactivating the protease that is present in the cell lysate. It does this by binding to the active site or by modifying its actual structure. Either way, it prevents the hydrolysis of the protein sample and allows for storage of the lysate for a longer duration without being degraded. There are also protease inhibitor cocktails–this is because there isn’t one chemical that can effectively deactivate each known protease, so cocktails can be effective depending on your usage.

Which Protease Inhibitors Does Cepham Carry?

Cepham Life Sciences carries a range of protease inhibitors and protease inhibitor cocktails. These include but are not limited to: calpain inhibitor I, antipain dihydrochloride, aprotinin, chymostatin, leupeptin, bestatin E-64, AEBSF, PMSF, and Pepstatin A. Our protein inhibitors are of the best quality for whatever research purposes you may have. Check out our selection of protease inhibitors so you can be sure to have the best possible yield of proteins.

Contacting Cepham Life Sciences

Do you have proteomics or molecular biology lab research material needs? Contact Cepham Life Sciences. We carry quality research materials and are glad to serve laboratories and facilities worldwide. You can reach us by phone at (410) 636-4954 or by email.

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