Sodium chloride [5M]



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Sodium chloride [5M]

Sodium chloride (NaCl), common salt also known as halite, is ubiquitous in occurrence and has many vital applications. It is a white crystalline solid, fairly soluble in water. NaCl is a flavouring agent in the food industry and used for texturing bread and baked foods. NaCl is an essential salt for normal body functions in humans and animals. It is essential for maintaining plasma osmolality and extracellular fluid volume of the body. Excessive NaCl leads to elevated blood pressure which has implications on cardiovascular and renal diseases. NaCl is a basic component in the microbiological medium, specifically for culturing of halophiles. Sterile NaCl is a constituent of eye drop solutions.


Sodium chloride has been used:
• as a supplement in serum free media for CA3 pyramidal neuron layer preparation
• in the preparation of oligonucleotides (ODNs) annealing buffer
• in the preparation of phosphate buffered saline and in phosphatase methylesterase-1 (PME-1) inhibition and counterscreen assay buffers

Sodium chloride solution has been used as a component of mycobacterial lysis buffer to extract DNA. It has also been used along with Dulbecco′s phosphate-buffered saline (DPBS) in the preparation of degassed buffer to elute plasma samples.


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