Triton® X-114 Purified 10% Proteomic Grade


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General Description

*Triton® X-114 (Polyethylene glycol tert-octylphenyl ether) is a non-ionic Detergent with CMC 0.35 mM, HLB 12.4, Cloud Point 22°C.

Our 10% aqueous solution of Triton® X-114 is highly purified,  sterile and extremely low in aldehyde and peroxide impurities that enable the highest retention of protein activity. The extremely low conductivity levels provide low ionic concentrations, which are essential for applications such as electrophoresis.


Synonyms:                       Triton X-114, Polyethylene glycol tert-octylphenyl ether

CAS No.:                           9036-19-5

Chemical Name:              Polyoxyethylene (8) isooctylphenyl ether

Molecular Formula:        C28 H50 O8

Use:                                   Non-ionic Detergent Emulsifier

Merck Index:                    Merck Index: 13, 6793.

MDL No.:                           MFCD00128254

InChi:                                 1S/C28H50O8/c1-27(2,3)24-28(4,5)25-6-8-26(9-7-25)36-23-22-35-21-20-34-19-18-33-17-16-32-15-14-31-13-12-30-11-10-29/h6-9,29H,10-24H2,1-5H3

*TRITON is a registered trademark of Dow Chemical Co.


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5 x 10 mL, 10 x 10 mL Vials

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