12 Cell Culture Inserts+24 Well Plate, 0.8 μm, PET Membrane, TC, Sterile, 12/pk, 48/cs

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Cell Culture Inserts + 24 Well Plate 0.8 μm PET Membrane TC Sterile effectively improve the culture of polar cells by allowing cells to metabolize naturally.

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Cell and tissue culture technologies have an increasing importance in the fields of basic and applied life science. New culture vessels and new surfaces for cell adsorption are continuously emerging, in order to simulate the internal environment as much as possible for culture of some special cell lines. Logically, using permeable supports with a microporous membrane becomes the basic method for culturing these cells. Permeable supports may effectively improve the culture of polar cells, because these supports allow cells to secrete on and absorb molecules from their basal and apical surfaces to metabolize in a more natural way, as well as to stimulate the in vivo environment to the maximum extent for culturing of some special cell lines.

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