Cobalt-IDA Agarose Resin


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General Description

Our Cobalt-IDA Agarose Resin is an IDA (iminodiacetic acid) cross-linked affinity chromatography resin for purification of histidine-tagged proteins by Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC).  It binds to six histidine residues (6x His), a common tag used in protein purification processes. The Agarose resin consists of  IDA groups coupled with 6% cross-linked agarose beads, bound to divalent cobalt ion with a capacity of 20-40umoles Co2+/ml resin, ligated by stable ether linkages via a spacer arm. IDA is a tridentate chelating agent, covalently coupled to cross-linked agarose beads. This resin is loaded with Co2+ and the resulting resin is ideal for rapid purification of His-tagged proteins.


Compared to Ni-IDA Agarose, there is a significant reduction in the non-specific binding of His-tagged proteins to Co-IDA, improved selectivity for poly-His sequences, but a low loading capacity. Thus, Cobalt Chelating Resins should be selectively used for valuable recombinant proteins in sparing quantities. Degree of purity and final yield of the target protein varies,  depending on working conditions, size, conformation, expression levels, solubility and sample impurities.



  • Ready-to-use IMAC resin for purifying 6x His-tagged proteins
  • Appropriate for valuable recombinant proteins in limited quantities, offering high selectivity
  • Compatible with protein purification under native or denaturing conditions


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10 ml, 25 ml

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