Ice Free Cool Box for 12 Tubes, 1mL/2mL Tubes, Square Shape, 1/pk, 1/cs


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This product can used in variety of cell types, including stem cells, primary cells, cell lines and yeast. The cooling box does not require any liquid or additive, all you need is placed the cool box into the ultra-low temperature refrigerator, then it can ensure that the box’s has the cooling rate of -1? per minute. It is a very good device for all types’ cell preservation. The product uses a symmetrical design with a combination on of foam and precious alloys, with no additive and no emissions characteristics. It is an environmental friendly products. It does not need to replace any parts, and can be permanently used.
This product is easy to use, just insert the frozen tube, placed the unit in -81? freeze environment. It can greatly improve the handling efficiency and has a good survival rate of cell preservation. The sample is safer and worry free.

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1/pk, 1/cs

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