Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – Soil


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General Description

Our Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – Soil is used for genomic DNA extraction from soil samples.

The kit comprises of glass beads for economical and efficient lysis, instead of relying on chemical lysis. Humic acid, a typically large component of soil samples, has the ability to corrode and inhibit the DNA sample. Therefore the inhibitor remover is utilized to remove it, thus allowing for optimum extraction conditions, and ultimately, optimum purity.

Prior to the development of this kit, microbial enzymes were used, but artificial mediums for microbial cultures are difficult to maintain. The genome analysis method culturing non-microbial studies allows for assessment of soil, waters, tidal flats, rivers, and various natural samples from the environment. Therefore, it is optimal technology for assessment of non-cultured microorganisms.



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