Curcumin [10mM]


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General description

Curcumin, a tyrosinase inhibitor, exists as a pigment in the natural/dietary agent Curcuma longa L (turmeric). Also referred to as diferuloyl methane, it is a symmetric molecule with a 7-carbon linker connecting two o-methoxy phenolic groups containing aromatic rings. It is synthesized by Pabon′s reaction using vanillin and acetyl acetone in the presence of boric oxide.


CAS No.: 458-37-7

Molecular Formula: C₂₁H₂₀O₆

MW: 368.38

Purity: ≥98%

Storage Temp.: -20°C

Handling: Protect from air and light


• as a supplement to evaluate its anti-carcinogenic and anti-apoptotic effect on cancer cells and cardiomyocytes

• to test its anti-inflammatory effect in human promyelocytic leukemia cell line, the HL-60

• to evaluate its attenuating effect on amyloidαβ pathology


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