Fluoroquinolones ELISA kit



General Description

Fluoroquinolones drugs belong to chemical synthesis antibacterial and are clinically used to treat urinary tract infections, intestinal tract infections, respiratory tract infections, skin soft tissue infections, peritoneal infections, osteoarticular infections. But in recent years, adverse drug reaction is increasingly prominent as a result of Fluoroquinolones drugs’ wide application, and resistance of human pathogenic bacterial is produced by long-term consumption food containing low Fluoroquinolones drugs residues, thus resulting in bad effect on the treatment of human disease.

This kit is a detection product developed based on competitive ELISA technology, with a shorter operation time, a high sensitivity, and linear range from ~1.0 ppb to 81.0 ppb.


Target Name: Fluoroquinolones

Detection Range: ~1 ppb-81 ppb

Product Type: ELISA kit for food safety & drug residues


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