Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – Stool



General Description

Our Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – Stool Kit is designed to extract genomic DNA from fresh or frozen stool samples, from humans, dogs, rats, cats or cows.

Typically, stool samples contain many DNA degradation components which inhibit downstream reactions such as PCR. Therefore, the removal of impurities is of utmost importance to ensure pure extraction. Colorectal epithelial cells, gram +/- bacteria, viruses and gastrointestinal pathogen genomic DNA extraction can be used standard samples of bacteria or viral infections. Purified genomic DNA allows for high quality. The applied IR Spin Column deals with impurities efficiently, while the optimized buffering system allows for efficient extraction. Without the need for phenol-chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation, our kit allows for extraction in under 50 minutes.


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