Magnesium Sulfate Solution [1M]




Magnesium Sulfate Solution is supplied as 1M concentration. This is useful as a source of magnesium ions and is an essential Co-factor in many enzymes, particularly DNase, frequently used in molecular biology research.



  1. Prepared in high purity molecular grade water
  2. 0.22 um filter sterilized
  3. DNase and RNase free


Other Applications:

  • Used as a component in super optimal broth with catabolite repression (SOC) medium for culturing E. coli
  • Used as a component in transition media for culturing human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC)
  • Used as a component in M9 buffer for worm fixation prior to nuclei extraction


Chemical Properties:

CAS Number:                7487-88-9

Molecular Formula:     MgSO4

Molecular Weight:        120.37 g/mol

MDL number:                MFCD00011110

Additional information


500 ml, 1 L

Certificate of Analysis