Methyl Green Stain Solution


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Methyl Green is a basic dicationic dye containing triphenylmethane. It forms an alkaline solution that is readily converted to a colorless carbinol base at higher pH values. Methyl green staining formulation is commonly employed in cell and tissue staining/imaging procedures, where it stains the nuclei light green. Methyl green is primarily incorporated in histochemistry as a biological (DNA/RNA) stain. At low concentrations, it selectively targets and binds the AT-rich regions of native DNA, while at high concentrations, it is found at all available DNA sites. This product is highly recommended for counterstaining of immunohistochemically stained tissues to enhance nuclear staining without affecting the non-specific background signal. Methyl green binds preferentially to the DNA regions with a higher degree of polymerization than RNA. It can be used in conjunction with immunofluorescent and immunohistochemical staining procedures and serves as a marker dye for DNA in acidic and neutral media. Methyl green staining solution serves as a desired alternative in multiple labeling of test samples where hematoxylin obscures the substrate colors.

• Compatible with a wide range of enzyme substrates
• Compatible with non-aqueous mountants

• Suitable for DNA and RNA detection
• Acts as a photochromophore, used to activate gelatinous films

Molecular Formula: C27H35BrClN3
Molecular Weight: 653.24 g/mol
Synonyms: Methyl Green zinc chloride salt, Methyl green zinc chloride, Methyl Green, 80%
CAS No.: 7114-03-6
MDL number: MFCD00151094

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250 mL, 500 mL

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