Tris-Glycine [10X] (0.25M Tris, 1.92M Glycine, pH 8.3)



General Description
Our Tris-Glycine-Buffer is a 10x concentrated solution of Tris-Glycine in deionized water and contains 0.25M Tris and 1.92M Glylcine with pH 8.3. The buffer is It is prepared with molecular biology grade water
and used as a transfer buffer for proteins in Western blot. The 10x Tris-glycine buffer is diluted to 1x with methanol and DI water to make 1x solution containing 25 mM Tris, 192 mM glycine, and 20% methanol.
Contains:  0.25M Tris and 1.92M Glycine at pH 8.3
Size: 1 L
Appearance: Liquid

Additional information


1 L, 1 Gal

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