Ammonium Sulfate


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General Description
Ammonium sulfate is a white odorless solid that sinks and dissolves in water. It is routinely used in agriculture as a nitrogen fertilizer. In aqueous medium, it dissociates to form ammonium and sulfate ions. Ammonium sulfate has been used in the preparation of ′Blue Silver′ colloidal Coomassie stain for proteins and may be used for the precipitation or fractionation of proteins/for purification of antibodies. It is also useful for crystallographic analysis of nucleic acids and proteins.

CAS Number:                  7783-20-2;

Synonyms:                       Diammonium sulfate; Mascagnite; Ammonium sulphate; Sulfuric acid diammonium salt

Molecular Formula:       (NH4)2SO4

Molecular Weight:          132.134 g/mol

InChI Key:                          BFNBIHQBYMNNAN-UHFFFAOYSA-N


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500 g, 1 kg

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