BBS [2X]



General Description

Borate buffered saline (BBS) is commonly used in coating procedures for ELISA. BBS can also be used as a component in blocking solutions for Western blotting. This buffer can be used as a diluent in biological samples and for various applications within biology and biochemistry to maintain the pH.

BBS [2X] contains 0.4M Boric acid, 0.3M NaCl, 0.5M EDTA.


BBS has been used to determine whether heat-killed, borate-buffered suspensions of Gordonia bronchialis, Rhodococcus coprophilus or Tsukamurella inchonensis can be used to treat canine flea allergy.

BBS has also been used to investigate the effects of lentivirus mediated siRNA targeting human metastasis suppressor 1 (MTSS1, MIM-B gene) gene on the invasive and metastatic potentials of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) MHCC97H cells.

It has been used to determine the effects of packaging solution osmolarity and buffering agent on soft contact lens parameters.

It is also used in protein modification procedures requiring amine-free buffer at alkaline pH.



Additional information


500 ml, 1 L

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