Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – Bacteria


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Our Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – Bacteria provides a fast and easy way to purify DNA from Gram negative (-) and Gram positive (+) bacteria. The kit has been optimized to allow rapid and simple cell lysis followed by selective binding of DNA to the column matrix, then eluting the DNA. The kit extracts large size of genomic DNA efficiently with the supplied mild buffer system, which makes the DNA stable with high purity and high yield. The method for Gram-negative bacteria involves direct lysis of the bacterial cells, using the Lysis Buffer, while Gram-positive bacteria involves preparation of spheroplast, using the lysozyme. The genomic DNA present in the sample is then selectively bound to the spin column provided with the kit. After washing the spin column with the Wash Buffer, the DNA is eluted from the column with a small volume of the elution buffer. The isolated DNA is suitable for PCR, southern blotting and other downstream applications. The supplied kit is suitable for 50 sample preparations.


Items Supplied:

Items Cat. No. 10644 Storage
Suspension Buffer 15 mL 4°C
Lysis Buffer 25 mL 4°C
Binding Buffer 15 mL 4°C
Wash Buffer (Concentrate) 10 mL 4°C
Lysozyme 0.2 mL -20°C
RNase A 0.3 mL -20°C
Proteinase K 0.5 mL -20°C
Elution Buffer 5 mL 4°C
Spin Column with Collection Tube 50 RT
Collection Tubes (2.0 mL), Additional 50 RT

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