Nonidet® P-40 Substitute


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General description

Nonidet® P-40 (NP-40) Substitute (Nonylphenyl-polyethylene glycol) is a popular non-ionic surfactant, used to solubilize cerebral GABA receptors. It is used for solubilization of proteins and lipids of the scallop gill ciliary membrane and of membranes from breast cancer tumors.


Description:                          Non-ionic

Molecular Weight:               680

Molecular Formula:            C15H24O[C2H4O]n

Refractive Index:                 n20/D 1.49

pH:                                         5-8 (5% in H2O)

CMC:                                      0.059 mM (20-25°C)

Density:                                 1.06 g/mL at 20°C

Absorbance (254nm):        0.14 (0.05% w/v)

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500 ml, 1 L

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