Bicinchoninic acid; BCA


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General Description

Bicinchoninic acid (BCA) is commonly used for the determination of protein concentration as well as a photometric reagent for protein assay. It acts by developing an intense purple complex with the cuprous ion under alkaline conditions, and hence provides a platform for the analytical monitoring of cuprous ion produced in the biuret reaction. BCA displays increased tolerance against interference from non-ionic detergents and simple buffer salts.



  • Monitor the levels of reducing sugars, thereby helping in the detection of chitinases
  • Used for determining protein concentration


CAS Number:            979-88-4;

Synonyms:                 Sodium [2,2′-biquinoline]-4,4′-dicarboxylate; 2,2′-Biquinoline-4,4-dicarboxylic acid disodium salt; [2,2′-Biquinoline]-4,4′-dicarboxylic acid, disodium salt; Disodium 2,2′-biquinoline-4,4′-dicarboxylate; 2,2′-Biquinoline-4,4′-dicarboxylic acid disodium salt

Molecular Formula: C20H10N2Na2O4

Molecular Weight:    388.29 g/mol (anhydrous basis)



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10 g, 25 g

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