Novobiocin sodium salt


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General description

Bacterial DNA gyrase is a heterodimeric type II topoisomerase that negatively supercoils circular double-stranded DNA. Novobiocin is a coumarin antibiotic, first isolated from Streptomyces species, that inhibits the ATPase activity of DNA gyrase. Its antibacterial activity arises from competitive inhibition of the ATPase reaction catalyzed by the GyrB subunit. In addition to permitting relaxation of negative supercoils, novobiocin has been used to generate positively supercoiled DNA. It also inhibits the chaperone activity of Hsp90 (IC50 = 700 mM).


Synonyms:                             Albamycin (TN), NSC 2382

CAS No.:                                1476-53-5

Molecular Formula:             C31H35N2O11 • Na

Molecular Weight:               634.6

Purity:                                    ≥95%

Formulation:                         A crystalline solid

λmax:                                    212, 249, 307 nm

InChi Key:                             WWPRGAYLRGSOSU-RNROJPEYSA-M

Storage temp.:                    -20°C



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5 g, 10 g, 25 g

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