PBS, Phosphate Buffered Saline [10X] Dry Buffer Pack



General Description
Our PBS; Phosphate Buffered Saline (10X) is supplied as dry powder form, in 2 packs. Each pack of the buffer, when dissolved in 1 L of water, would give 10X PBS or in 10 L of water 1X PBS: containing 137 mM sodium chloride, 2.7 mM potassium chloride and 9.8 mM phosphate buffer.
Preparation of 10X or 1X PBS, using the Dry Pack:
Pour off contents from a single pack into a container and dissolve the contents in either 1 L of water to prepare 10X PBS or 10 L of water to prepare 1X PBS.
1X PBS Specification:
pH at 25°C: 7.3 – 7.5.
Conductivity at 25°C: 13,500-17,000 umhos.

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