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General Description

Psoralen-(PEO)4-Biotin, a photoreactive reagent used for biotinylation of DNA, RNA and proteins. When activated with ultraviolet (UV) light the psoralen group reacts with thymine and other pyrimidine containing bases to form a covalent bond and does not interfere with hybridization process.


Molecular Formula:      C33H44N4 O10S

Molecular Weight:         688.79

Spacer Arm Length:      36.9 Å

Appearance:                    White to off-white solid

Reactive Group:              Psoralen, reacts upon exposure to UV light

Melting Point:                 96-102 °C

Storage Temp:                4-8 °C


Features of Psoralen-(PEO)4-Biotin:

1. Photo-reactive— covalent attachment occurs in the presence of UV light for 10 to 30 minutes

2. Biomolecular labeling— biotinylate DNA or RNA (~ 1 biotin per 10 to 20 bases) without interfering with hybridization

3. Reactive Group — Psoralen-activatedr, eacts through a cyclo-addition mechanism with the 5,6 double bond in thymine and other pyrimidine containing bases

4. Long Spacer Arm 36.9 Å — enables long reach, minimizing steric hindrance for binding interactions with streptavidin


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