RIPA Lysis Buffer


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General Description

Radioimmunoprecipitation Assay (RIPA) Lysis Buffer is used for rapid, efficient cell lysis and solubilization of proteins from both adherent and suspension cultured mammalian cells. Our RIPA Lysis Buffer is highly effective and efficient for lysis and protein solubilization of wide range of samples, including mammalian cell and cover membranous, cytoplasmic, and nuclear protein extractions.

RIPA Lysis Buffer enables efficient cell lysis and protein solubilization while avoiding protein degradation and interference with the proteins′ immunoreactivity and biological activity. RIPA Buffer also results in low background in immunoprecipitation and molecular pull-down assays.


  1. Ready to use solution
  2. Prepared with highest purity chemicals
  3.  0.22 um filter sterilized

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125 ml, 250 ml

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