EasyPrep Insect Protein Extraction Buffer


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General Description

EasyPrep Insect Protein Extraction Buffer has been designed for fast and easy extraction of total proteins from insect cells without tedious processes such as sonication etc. This buffer utilizes a proprietary composition with a non-ionic detergent and is effective in extracting cytoplasmic proteins from insect cells (e.g. Sf9 and Sf21) grown in suspension and adherent cultures. In addition, it also offers a several-fold increase in the yield of soluble protein and the extracted proteins are stable, since there are no repeated freezing and thawing steps and in native form. It is compatible with downstream applications such as 6xHis-tagged protein purification, enzyme assays, BCA Protein Assay, ELISA, Western Blotting and ion exchange chromatography, etc.

EasyPrep Insect Protein Extraction Buffer enables gentle and effective extraction of soluble protein from insect cells grown in suspension or monolayer culture.



• Gentle extraction—optimized, mild non-ionic detergent provides maximum extraction of soluble proteins from insect cells
• Effective—improved protein extraction over sonication
• Compatible—downstream compatibility with Western blotting, 6xHis-tagged protein purification, protein assays and ion-exchange chromatography
• Flexible—useful for protein extraction from both, suspension and adherent cultured insect cell cultures


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250 ml

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