Tween 20 Purified Proteomic Grade


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General Description

Tween® 20 (Polyoxyethylenesorbitan monolaurate) is a non-ionic detergent useful for immunoprecipitation and solubilizing proteins with CMC 0.059 mM and HLB 16.7. Our 10% aqueous solution of Tween® 20 is highly purified, sterile  and aseptically filled under GMP conditions, using high purity water. Extremely low aldehyde & peroxide impurities in the purified detergent enable the highest retention of protein activity. Extremely low conductivity levels in the purified detergent provide low ionic concentrations, which are essential for applications such as electrophoresis.

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5 x 10 ml Vials, 10 x 10 ml Vials, 1 x 50 mL, 1 x 100 mL

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