Sulfo GMBS; (N-Maleimidobutyryloxysulfosuccinimide ester)


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General description

Sulfo-GMBS is a water-soluble amine-to-sulfhydryl crosslinker that contains NHS-ester and maleimide reactive groups at opposite ends of a short spacer arm. These functional groups react with amines and sulfhydryl groups of proteins, respectively, that allow covalent conjugation of amine- and sulfhydryl-containing molecules. Sulfo-GMBS is often used to prepare antibody-enzyme and hapten-carrier protein conjugates in a two-step reaction scheme.


Synonyms:                           Sulfo-GMBS sodium salt;  Sulfo-N-succinimidyl 4-maleimidobutyrate sodium salt

CAS No.:                               185332-92-7

Molecular Formula:            C12H11N2NaO9S

Molecular Weight:              328.28

Spacer Arm Length:           7.3 Å



  • Reactive groups are Sulfo-NHS ester and maleimide
  • Reactive towards amino and sulfhydryl groups
  • Non-cleavable
  • Water-soluble (compared to GMBS)
  • Has a low potential for eliciting crosslinker immune response, ensuring that the primary response to the antigen-carrier protein conjugate is not diluted by a response against a determinant on the crosslinker
  • GMBS and Sulfo-GMBS are reported to be less immunogenic than SMCC



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50 mg, 100 mg

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