Sulfo SANPAH (Sulfosuccinimidyl 6-(4’-azido-2’-nitrophenylamino) hexanoate)


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General description

Sulfo-SANPAH is a heterobifunctional crosslinker containing an amine-reactive N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) ester and a photoactivatable nitrophenyl azide. NHS esters react efficiently with primary amino groups (-NH2) in pH 7-9 buffers to form stable amide bonds. On exposure to UV light, nitrophenyl azides form a nitrene group that can initiate addition reactions with double bonds, insertion into C-H and N-H sites, or subsequent ring expansion to react with a nucleophile (e.g., primary amines).


Features and Benefits:

  • Reactive groups are Sulfo-NHS ester and nitrophenyl azide
  • Reactive towards amino groups and any nucleophile
  • Non-cleavable
  • N-Sulfosuccinimidyl-6-(4′-azido-2′-nitrophenylamino) hexanoate
  • Optimal photolysis occurs at 320-350 nm and minimizes damage to biomolecules by irradiation
  • Water-soluble and non-cleavable


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100 mg

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