Sulfo SIAB (Sulfosuccinimidyl(4-iodoacetyl)Aminobenzoate)


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General description

Sulfo-SIAB (Sulfosuccinimidyl(4-iodoacetyl)Aminobenzoate) is a water-soluble analog of SIAB (a lipophilic, membrane-permeable amine- and sulfhydryl-reactive heterobifunctional crosslinker which lacks a charged group). These crosslinkers contain an amine-reactive N-hydroxysuccimide (NHS) ester and a sulfhydryl-reactive iodoacetyl group, and are often used for preparing enzyme conjugates or immunotoxins. Water-soluble and insoluble forms of NHS esters display identical reactivity. Sulfo-SIAB is supplied as a sodium salt and is water-soluble to ~10mM. SIAB is first dissolved in an organic solvent, such as DMSO or DMF, followed by its addition to the aqueous reaction mixture.


Features and Benefits:

  • Reactive groups are Sulfo-NHS ester and iodoacetyl
  • Reactive toward amino and sulfhydryl groups
  • Non-cleavable
  • Water-soluble (compare to SIAB)


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100 mg

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