BASED (Bis [B-(4-azidosalicylamido)ethyl]disulfide)


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General Description

BASED: Bis[B-(4-azidosalicylamido)ethyl]disulfide is a membrane permeable crosslinking  gent, suitable for protein modification and structural analysis studies.


Chemical Name:      Bis[B-(4-azidosalicylamido)ethyl]disulfide

CAS Number:           199804-21-2

Molecular Weight:  474.52

Synonyms:                N,N’-Bis(4-azidosalicoyl)cystamine, N,N’-(Dithiobis-ethylene)bis(4-azido-2-hydroxy-benzamide)

Color & Form:           Light brown powder


Features of BASED:

1. Photoreactive

2. Membrane permeable

3. Thiol cleavable

4. Iodinatable


Additional information


100 mg

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