DST (Disuccinimidyl Tartrate)


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General Description

DST (Disuccinimidyl tartrate) is a homobifunctional, cleavable, primary amine-reactive crosslinking reagent. DST protein crosslinker has a cis-diol that is cleaved with 15 mM Sodium meta-Periodate. The DST crosslinking reagent contains two N-hydroxysuccimide (NHS) ester groups and is reactive toward primary amines (amino groups), such as those found on lysine and the N-terminus. DST crosslinker is an excellent choice for applications requiring crosslink cleavability without disturbing protein disulfide bonds with reducing reagents. DST crosslinking reagent can be dissolved in an aqueous reaction.


Chemical Name:            Disuccinimidyl Tartrate

Synonyms:                      Disuccinimidyl Tartrate, DST

Molecular Weight:         344.2

Color & Form:                White solid

Melting Point:               195-197° C


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