PMPI (N-(p-Maleimidophenyl isocyanate))


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General Description

PMPI is p-maleimidophenyl isocyanate, a maleimide-and-isocyanate crosslinker for attaching compounds to sulfhydryl groups of cysteines after conjugating the linker to hydroxyl groups on a molecule by urethane (carbamate) bonds. The Maleimide group of PMPI reacts with sulfhydryl groups to form stable thioether linkages and Isocyanate reacts with non-aqueous hydroxyl groups to form carbamate linkage. It is an excellent tool for conjugating hydroxyl-containing compounds such as steroids and vitamins, but targets and reaction solutions must not contain primary amines.


Molecular Formula:         C11H6N2O3

Molecular weight:            214.1

CAS Number:                    123457-83-0

Spacer arm:                       8.7Å

Melting Point:                   120-125 °C

Storage Temperature:      2-8°C


Features of PMPI:

1. Reactive groups – Maleimide and Isocyante

2. Reactive towards –  Sulfhydryl and Hydroxyl groups

3. Spacer Arm –  Short spacer arm (8.7 Å)

4. A novel heterobifunctional crosslinker sulfhydryl-to-hydroxyl coupling with an aromatic spacer arm (non-cleavable)

5. Excellent tool for the preparation of conjugates of hydroxyl containing compounds such as steroids and vitamins


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50 mg

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