Caspase 1, Human Recombinant


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Caspase 1, Human Recombinant


General description

Caspase-1 (also known as ICE) is a prototypical member of the caspase-family of cysteine proteases. Caspase-1 exists in cells as an inactive 45 kDa proenzyme. The pro-enzyme is matured by proteolysis to yield large (20 kDa) and small (10 kDa) subunits. Active Caspase-1 is a heterotetrametric molecule consisting of two large and two small subunits. To date, the regulatory mechanism of Caspase-1 activation and its role in apoptosis are poorly understood. In THP-1 cells, a large proportion of the Caspase-1 is present in the inactive proenzyme form. The recombinant active human Caspase-1 was expressed in E. coli. The active Caspase-1 preferentially cleaves Caspase-1 substrates (e.g., YVAD-AFC or YVAD-pNA). The rh-Caspase has an N-terminal His-tag and corresponds to amino acids 120-404 of Caspase-1, gene accession# NP_150634.1.


Synonyms:                        Caspase-1, CASP-1, Interleukin-1 beta convertase, IL-1BC, IL-1 beta-converting enzyme, p45

Gene Symbol:                   CASP1

Gene ID:                             834

Source:                              E. coli.

Form:                                 Lyophilized powder

Molecular Weight:           Large (20 kDa) and small (10 kDa) subunit

Reconstitution Inst.:       Reconstitute to 1 unit per µl in water

Handling:                          Centrifuge the vial prior to opening

Storage temp.:                 -70°C


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