Caspase 10, Human Recombinant


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Caspase 10, Human Recombinant


General description

 Caspase-10 is an initiator caspase, highly homologous to Caspase-8, a relationship that extends to the death effector domains (DEDs) of their proforms. Caspase-10 was reported to activate early in TRAIL-induced apoptosis and was found in association with the DR4 (TRAIL-R1) receptor complex in a thyroid carcinoma line.


Synonyms:                       FLICE2, Mch4

Molecular Weight:          17KDa and 12 kDa

Source:                             E. coli.

Concentration:               100 U/µl

Formulation:                   Liquid, in 50mM HEPES, pH 7.4, 100mM NaCl, 0.1% CHAPS, 1mM EDTA, 10% glycerol, 10mM DTT

Specific Activity:            One U=1pmol/min using Ac-IETD-pNA (200µM; Prod. No. ALX-260-045) as substrate at 30°C

Storage temp.:               -80°C


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