Caspase 6, Human Recombinant


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Caspase 6, Human Recombinant


General description

Caspase-6 (also known as Mch2) is a member of the caspase-family of cysteine proteases. Similar to other caspases, Caspase-6 also exists in cells as an inactive proenzyme. During apoptosis procaspase-6 is processed at aspartate residues by self-proteolysis and/or cleavage by another caspase. The processed active form of Caspase-6 consists of large (18 kDa) and small (11 kDa) subunits which associate to form the active enzyme. Active Caspase-6 has been shown to be of importance in the proteolysis of PARP (poly ADP-ribose polymerase), an enzyme that is involved in DNA repair and genomic maintenance. The recombinant active human Caspase-6 was expressed in E. coli.


Synonyms:                       Caspase-6, CASP-6, Apoptotic protease Mch-2

Gene Symbol:                  CASP6

Gene ID:                            839

Source:                              E. coli.

Form:                                 Lyophilized powder

Molecular Weight:           Large (18 kDa) and small (11 kDa)

Reconstitution Inst:        Reconstitute to 1 unit per µl in PBS containing 15% glycerol

Handling:                          Centrifuge the vial prior to opening

Storage temp.:                 -70°C


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