Sulfo NHS Acetate (Sulfo succinimidyl acetate)


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General description

Sulfo-NHS-Acetate is a small compound used for blocking primary amines (e.g., lysine side chains). This compound forms stable, covalent amide bonds with amine groups to prevent specific interactions or conjugations. Sulfo-NHS-Acetate is typically used to prevent polymerization during protein crosslinking reactions and while conjugating peptides to carrier proteins for immunogen production. Blocking amines on the peptide allows directed conjugation of carboxylic acids on the peptide to primary amines on the protein using EDC.



  • Irreversibly block primary amines
  • Perform reactions in standard non-amine-containing buffers at pH 7 or greater
  • Prevent polymerization when performing protein crosslinking reactions


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100 mg

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