Western Blot Transfer Appratus

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Western Transfer Unit is used to transfer the proteins present in the gel to the transfer membrane, after electrophoresis and then the charged particles are further analyzed and studied by means of biochemical analysis.


In the Western Blot Transfer Appratus, an electric field is applied to transfer the proteins present in the gel to the transfer membrane and then the charged particles are further analyzed and studied by means of biochemical analysis. This transfer appratus can be used with CLS-SVE-2 Vertical Electrophoresis unit.

Product Features

a. Double plate structure, can be used with SVE-2 electrophoresis tank.

b. The tank of the instrument is integrated injection molding with high transparency polycarbonate, it’s corrosion resistance, high transparency, consistent performance, etc..

c. The positive and negative electrodes of the transfer clip are distinct, with a handle function, which is easy to operate.

d. High transfer efficiency, transfer time is about 20-40min.

e. Strong structure can be synchronized with the ice bath cooling to avoid interference caused by overheating, so as to ensure reliable experimental results.



Product Specifications

Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 185x108x125 185x108x125
Gel size/transfer size (mm) Gel size 83×73 Transfer size 70×90
Maximum volume of buffer (ml) 500 500


Operation process

4.1 Preparation

Prepare 8 pieces of 7x9cm thin transfer membrane filter paper or 2 pieces of thick filter paper of the same specification in advance, and 1 piece of 7x9cm PVDF membrane (currently, the membrane with a pore size of 0.45μm is used for proteins greater than 20kda, and the membrane with a pore size of 0.2μm is used for proteins less than 20kda).

4.2 Activation

The PVDF membrane needs to be activated with methanol for 2 min before use.

4.3 Installation

According to the order of ‖ positive electrode (+) > sponge > filter paper > transfer film > gel > filter paper > sponge > negative electrode (-) ‖, place the transfer material in the transfer clip and remove the air bubbles. The red side is the positive direction, and the black side is the negative side. Place the transfer clip into the transfer core in the direction of red to red and black to black. The transfer core can hold two transfer clips at the same time.




4.4 Power-on transfer

Connect the electrophoresis power supply, set the transfer conditions, and start transferring the membrane.


4. Product configuration list


Serial number Name Quantity
1 transfer clip 2 sets
2 transfer core 1 set
3 electrophoresis box 1 set
4 Transfer sponge 1 box
5 Transfer filter paper 1 box



1. The main components of this series of products are fragile products. During packaging, transportation and use, be careful not to bump or drop the product, which may cause damage to the product and cause the product to fail to work normally.

2. Metal parts such as platinum wire and electrode column in this product should be paid attention to whether there are oxidation, breakage, loosening and other problems during use, cleaning and maintenance. Please replace and maintain them in time. The platinum wire is easily broken, so be careful when handling it.

3. After daily use, please wash it with deionized water in time, and place it in a dust-free place to dry for use.

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