Biotin Agent; d-Biotin (Vitamin H)


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General Description

The Biotin Agent, D-biotin binds with high affinity to streptavidin, avidin and biotin-binding proteins. This solution can be used in conjunction with unlabeled streptavidin or avidin in procedures to block endogenous biotin. It is also known as Vitamin H, an essential vitamin that is important for amino acid and energy metabolism, and fatty acid synthesis. It is a prosthetic group in four mammalian carboxylase families and facilitates the binding and transfer of carbon dioxide.


Molecular formula:    C10H16N2O3S

Molecular weight:       244.31

CAS name/number:   58-85-5

Synonyms:                    D-Biotin, Vitamin H, Vitamin B7, Bioepiderm, Factor S, Coenzyme R, Biotin, Bios II


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500 mg

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