DPDPB (1,4-Di [3’-(2’-pyridyldithio)propionamido] Butane)


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General Description

DPDPB is a sulfhydryl reactive homobifunctional reagent with a spacer arm of 19.9 Å. It reacts with sulfhydryls to form a mixed disulfide, which can be readily cleaved in presence of a reducing agent. It functions via cysteine crosslinking and can be used to study protein structural analysis, protein modification, proteomics and homobifunctional cross-linking reagents.


CAS Number:             141647-62-3

Molecular Weight:    482.71

Molecular Formula:  C20H26N4O2S4

Purity:                          >90% by HPLC


G.N. Zecherle et al. J. Biol. Chem. 267, 5889, (1992)


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100 mg

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