Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – Blood


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General Description

Our Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – Blood, is designed for extracting genomic DNA from whole blood, bone marrow, cell, tissue and bacteria samples.

There is no requirement for a sample starting amount limit and the recommended buffer amount corresponding to the sample starting amount is offered to optimize conditions / to extract the highest possible purity of DNA.

A simple 5 step process is all that’s needed, taking between 20-60 minutes (RBC Lysis, cell lysis, protein remove, harvest DNA pellet, DNA Hydration). RBC Lysis Buffer liquefies the cell membrane and removes RBC. The Cell Lysis Buffer has been developed for efficient cell nuclear lysis from various samples. PPT Buffer allows for protein precipitation without heating. Pure Genomic DNA extracted using this product can be utilized for PCR / Southern blot with intact genomic DNA. The high purity DNA can also be used for applications with cDNA chips / probes.


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