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General Description

Iodoacetyl-PEG2-Biotin is a mid-length, haloacetyl-activated, sulfhydryl-reactive biotinylation reagent that contains a 2-unit ethylene glycol in its spacer arm for increased water-solubility characteristics. Iodoacetyl-PEG2-Biotin enables simple and efficient biotinylation of antibodies, cysteine-containing peptides and other thiol-containing molecules at reaction pH 7.5-8.5.


Molecular Formula:    C18H31IN4O5S

Molecular Weight:      542.43

Spacer Arm:                 24.7 Å

Reactive Group:           Iodoacetyl


Features of Iodoacetyl-PEG2-Biotin:

1. Thiol (-SH) reactive— It reacts with sulfhydryls (-SH), e.g. the side-chain of cysteine (C) Pegylated—spacer arm contains a hydrophilic, 2-unit, polyethylene glycol (PEG) group

2. Enhances solubility— Pegylation imparts water solubility to the biotinylated molecule, helping to prevent aggregation of biotinylated antibodies stored in solution

3. Irreversible— It forms permanent thioether bonds; spacer arm cannot be cleaved

4. Solubility— It can be dissolved directly in aqueous buffers for labeling reactions

5. Medium length— The spacer arm (total length added to target) is 24.7 Å

6. Solubility— It is Water Soluble


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50 mg

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