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LB Agar (Miller’s) is a microbial growth medium used for growing different bacterial culture, e.g., E. coli. This nutrient-rich microbial broth contains Agar (15g/L), Tryptone (10g/L), Yeast Extract (5g/L), and NaCl (10g/L). The pH range of 4% solution is ~ 6.8-7.2. The presence of agar in the medium provides a solid medium for microbial growth.

LB Agar (Miller’s) growth medium is suitable for non-selective cultivation of E. coli strains for cloning, DNA plasmid production and production of recombinant proteins. It is also suitable for selective cultivation when appropriate antibiotics are added. For reconstitution, add 40g powder to 1L water and heat to boiling while stirring to dissolve. Autoclave for 15 minutes at 1210C to sterilize.


Components (when reconstitute 40g powder in 1L DI water)

15 g/L Agar

10 g/L Tryptone

5 g/L Yeast Extract

10 g/L NaCl

Lysogeny broth agar, Luria broth agar, Lennox broth agar, or Luria-Bertani medium agar.


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