Protease Inhibitor Cocktail [100X], Mammalian


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General Description

Our Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, Mammalian [100X] has been designed specifically for mammalian protein samples to restrict activities of mammalian proteases and to prevent proteolytic degradation during protein extraction.

The cocktail contains optimized concentration of protease inhibitors: AEBSF, Aprotinin, Leupeptin, Bestatin, Pepstatin and E-64 protease inhibitors and other proprietary component(s) for broad spectrum inhibition of proteases that target serine, cysteine, aminopeptidases, aspartic proteases and papain etc.

It is supplied as a ready to use solution at 100X concentration, which makes it easier to use in low volume at 1X, 2X or more for samples with high protease activities. This inhibitor cocktail helps in preserving the proteins from degradation by proteases and can be used during the protein extraction from different mammalian cells.


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